What we do...

MirageQuest Media (MQM) is headquartered in Los Angeles, under the leadership of Ivan Gulas, CEO of MQM. MQM LA focuses its activity on Production, Co-Production, Distribution and Business Development for MQM and SWIG. MQM Los Angeles also serves to promote production services provided by MQM China, and MQM Budapest, but limits its production activities to its own film and TV productions and Co-Productions.

MQM's main agenda is to create original content and to forge partnerships with like-minded entities. The company's project development efforts, as well as its own Productions and Co-Productions are generally limited to concepts which hold both franchising and cross-platform potential. Amazon: Crossroads to Survival, Dragon Resurrection and Hero in Training are all examples of current projects with simultaneous film/tv, game (platform or MMORPG), publishing and product licensing potential. MQM and its resources in Los Angeles, China and Hungary offer potential co-production partners competitive advantages globally, including production cost containment, domestic and international distribution relationships, and equity participation.

MQM China and MQM Budapest, in addition to participating in MQM Productions and Co-Productions, also offer a broad spectrum of production, production related services, and post production services. They are both positioned to offer market-competitive high quality services, respectively in Asia and EU. The scope of available services can range from turn-key productions (e.g. Animation and Live Action Productions on both continents) to production assistance more restricted in scope, to post production services (video and audio) and conversion of content from 2D to stereoscopic 3D. Both offices also offer consulting services.