Mark Byers, Managing Director/Partner - MQM China

Mark Byers has Produced and/or Directed numerous independent feature motion pictures (Deception, The Treatment, Dream Parlor, Criminal Act), written 28 feature screenplays (Watch the Skies, China Knight, Slow Boat to China), and written and produced numerous television programs and specials (The Price of Freedom, Home Base, Hands of Mercy, More than the Music).

Byers made his name in Asian co-production circles with the critically acclaimed box office success, Gua Sha, and the hit Hong Kong actioner Dragon Squad, and has followed those with an international mix of both live-action and animated projects. Byers has been actively involved in setting up international co-production relationships with partners in China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Southeast Asia.

Byers has long been involved in the Asian animation industry, with a special focus on China, participating in animated films, television series, and new media, and developing animation projects with major directors and studios.

On the publishing front, Byers serves as consultant to a number of global publishing companies in Asian and North America, coordinating new projects and developing co-publishing relationships. His specialty is graphic novels, creating new works, co-publishing, and rights management for animation and live-action adaptations.

Mark resides in China, with primary basis in both Beijing and Singapore. He, however, enjoys extensive and long-standing relationships across Asia, where he is considered a trusted 'insider' in the Chinese entertainment industry, and respected as both a creative and a businessman. He is extremely well positioned in the region to offer MQM production partners and MQM China clients alike significant competitive advantages with regard to budgets, quality of productions, and help to ensure the desired project sensibilities. Beyond production services, MQM China can also spearhead efforts, on behalf of MQM China clients, to identify potential co-production/co-funding opportunities with studios and/or investors in the region.