The Dreamsters: Welcome to the Dreamery!

Directed by Karolyn Szot
Produced by Ivan Gulas

Created by Steve Syatt

Youtube Channel


"The Dreamsters: Welcome to the Dreamery!" is an enchanting one hour television special that is soon to air on KCET. The special aims to invite preschool-aged children and their parents to learn about the world of the Dreamery. The Dreamery is a Hollywood style sound stage in the magical land of Shushybye, where dreams are made.

The Dreamsters (featuring PJ, Starbright, and Snore) is a dream band that inspires kids to use their imagination and make "groovy" dream wishes. With help from their friend Michael North, the band sings timeless, orginal, and colorful songs that will get kids out of their seats, dancing and learning the importance of creativity.